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IMI CCI Valve and Actuator Qualification Completed

16 Oct 2014

IMI CCI has completed an extensive qualification program for a large range of control valves and pneumatic actuators. The latest NRC authorized nuclear qualification specifications were used. The qualification was demonstrated by type testing for the parents and reference equipment. This was supported by extensive calculations including Finite Element Analysis. The qualification has been independently reviewed for valves shipped to multiple sites.

The qualification meets ASME QME-1 2007, Qualification of Active Mechanical Equipment used in nuclear power plants, which incorporates the applicable requirements of IEEE 382, NRC requirements, and ASME Section III. The testing included shaker table, steam, imposed loads and radiation. Compliance with EPRI TR-107322, Air Operated Valve Evaluation, was also demonstrated.

Valve sizes up to 20 inch (500 mm) and larger are qualified. The valves include trim options that allow unique characterization that modifies flow versus stroke for all applications. Noise, cavitation and tight leakage control in both flow directions are additional benefits.

Actuator sizes up to 400 square inch (0.26 sq. m) under 125 psi (0.86 MPa) pressure with large springs are included in the qualification. Testing with and without manual override are also included. The actuators are double piston designs to accommodate a large range of valve strokes.

The equipment has been qualified to six g’s in all three directions for seismic events and vibration for a 60-year life. Radiation includes design basis accident conditions up to 5 million rads. Mechanical aging included 3500 full cycle and over 100,000 partial stroke operations. Thermal means were employed to accelerate aging of non-metallic components to an age of 5 years. Humidity level was to 100 percent.

IMI CCI is a recognized world leader in supply of specialized products and services for commercial nuclear power. IMI CCI’s innovative flow control technologies have revolutionized high energy and severe service valve applications, extending service life and improving plant performance. IMI CCI design breakthroughs include the introduction of DRAG® technology with advanced flow exit velocity control that has become the industry standard for many applications including main feedwater control, pump recirculation, power operated main steam atmospheric relief and other demanding process control applications.

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IMI plc, the specialist engineering company, designs, manufactures and services highly engineered products that control the precise movement of fluids. Its innovative technologies, built around valves and actuators, enable vital processes to operate safely, cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively. The Group works with industrial customers across a range of high growth sectors, including energy, transportation and infrastructure, all of which are benefiting from the impact of long-term global trends including climate change, urbanisation, resource scarcity and an ageing population. IMI employs over 12,000 people, has manufacturing facilities in more than 20 countries and operates a global service network. The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE100. Further information is available at www.imiplc.com.