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Responsible Business

IMI Nuclear Responsible Business

We take our responsibility to the environment and the communities in which we operate very seriously. We believe that these responsibilities can impact positively on profitability, returns, reputation and growth.

Our parent company, IMI, has a guiding set of values that exemplify how employees behave – The IMI Way. Wherever anyone works in IMI Severe Service, whenever an employee is encountered, you can expect to see these values at work.

  • IMI employees pursue excellence and deliver results
  • IMI employees innovate and provide value to our customers
  • IMI employees act with integrity

To learn more about our Code of Conduct click here.

Responsible Business Initiatives

Legal Compliance IMI Nuclear will comply with all applicable laws in each of the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Customer Priorities IMI Nuclear will support our customer's responsible business priorities. We will work with our customers proactively to identify and manage issues that are beneficial to all parties.

Supply Chain IMI Nuclear will ensure that each of its facilities and suppliers understand the importance of responsible business and develop programs and actions in the key areas of responsible business.

Energy Efficiency IMI Nuclear's policy is to adopt energy efficient measures in our businesses worldwide to ensure that energy consumption continues to be reduced throughout our operations.

Environmental Stewardship Each IMI Nuclear facility is required to set targets aimed at minimizing emissions that have global warming potential and lessening our impact on the environment by reducing hazardous waste.

Charitable Support IMI Nuclear supports only recognized and established charities and a preference is given to those with some relevance to the company. IMI Nuclear does not make donations to political parties.

Health & Safety IMI Nuclear is committed to full compliance with federal, state, local and corporate occupational health and safety regulations and policies, as well as promoting safety awareness among personnel, vendors and contractors.

Recycling From office copy paper, bottles and cans to cardboard packaging and scrap metals, IMI Nuclear is committed to conserving resources and reducing land waste.

IMI Nuclear Responsible Business Policy

At IMI Nuclear, we believe we can achieve high standards of responsibility without compromising growth or business efficiency. We put particular emphasis on ensuring that our management of social, environmental and economic issues is aligned and integrated with the overall management of the business.

We maintain policies and programs in each of the key areas highlighted below and fully endorse and align our program with our parent company's, IMI plc, Responsible Business Policy.

We are committed to ensuring continual improvement and stakeholder communication on an on-going basis.

Peter Matton
President, IMI Nuclear

Dated: Jan 1, 2012

IMI Nuclear is a subsidiary of IMI plc.

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