IMI Nuclear designs products that deliver lasting value for both new build and existing nuclear power plants. Today’s aggressive refuel outage schedules require products that do not need extensive maintenance or repair. That is why IMI Nuclear products are designed to ensure nuclear power plants stay competitive in today’s changing power market.

  • High energy isolation valves provide a tight shut-off with each cycle, preventing local leak rate test failures and related schedule delays.

  • We provide a range of severe and general service control valves that meet the most demanding high-differential pressure and thermal conditions in today’s power plants.

  • Specialised high-density wet storage fuel racks, ECCS suction strainers, atmospheric resistor silencers, containment vent scrubbers and other applications all related to plant productivity and safety.

  • Our dedicated nuclear specialists continually develop solutions that help plants improve performance – ranging from 24 hour emergency filed service to help with plant optimisation.

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