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Case Studies

Advanced fuel storage design allows for double the amount of spent fuel to be stored

Customer: Electricité de France (EDF), France

Location: France

Requirement: The continued safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants will require more spent nuclear fuel storage capacity. High-density spent fuel racks create additional storage capacity at nuclear power plants already in operation by maximizing the utilization of existing storage pools in the fuel building. Rigorous standards of safety and reliability at nuclear power plants require demanding engineering of components such as high-density fuel racks. Increasing the storage will help to prolong the life of the nuclear power plant by offering a solution to increased spent fuel inventory.

Solution: CCI’s advanced fuel rack design will allow each plant site to safely store roughly twice as much spent fuel in their storage pools. Important customer considerations include working with suppliers who provide proven, reliable technology and have demonstrated success in working with nuclear industry regulators as well as understanding nuclear codes and standards. With CCI's superior technical design and engineering expertise, combined with efficient installation provided by the consortium partner, Comex Nuclear located in Marseille, France, EDF was pleased with the solution.

Optimizing performance at a major US nuclear reactor

Customer: Duane Arnold Nuclear Centre Plant

Location: lowa, USA

Requirement: The Duane Arnold Nuclear Centre (DEAC) Plant is a 600 MWE GE BWR located near Palo, Iowa. Over the past several years DEAC has identified reactor water level as an important operational issue.

Pump-induced vibrations have affected the reactor water flow control valve performance, causing actuator control component problems. The performance of the control systems and consequently the efficiency of the plant was potentially affected. A key requirement was that any new control system must effectively control water levels while responding identically to the old system in order to avoid any new procedures or retraining of the reactor operators.

Solution: Having worked extensively with the plant’s operators in the past, CCI recommended the QuickTrak™ II electronic valve controller to solve the plant’s problematic control system. QuickTrak™ II consists of a high capacity servo valve controlled via a micro-processor based controller, along with a highly accurate, internally mounted response device to provide feedback for the control logic.

Working closely with DEAC engineers, CCI valve doctors mounted QuickTrak™ II components separately from the valve. The large capacity spool provides more precise control, leading to two major improvements. Firstly, by mounting all the critical components remotely on a wall panel, they are isolated from disruptive, pump-induced vibration. The panel was mounted at the level of the operator, combining ease of access, LCD screen system feedback and local control. Secondly, the CCI QuickTrak™ system provides precise pneumatic control, significantly improving the ability to manage the reactor water level. To ensure the new system responds identically to the old one, an interlock system was programmed into the controller which allows the unit to notify the control room when a fault has been cleared.

Thanks to the innovative QuickTrak™ system and CCI engineering, DEAC is able to maintain high levels of performance with minimal disruption, while improving the ease of use for operators.


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