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IMI Nuclear is Headquartered in Balterswil, Switzerland and is a part of the IMI Severe Service platform of IMI plc.

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IMI Nuclear is Headquartered in Balterswil, Switzerland and is a part of the IMI Severe Service platform of IMIplc. IMIplc reflected its commitment to the nuclear industry by consolidating its nuclear businesses under one business unit. IMI nuclear consists of

  • CCI nuclear product lines from CCI Rancho Santa Margarita, CCI Switzerland, CCI Japan and CCI Korea.
  • Newman Hattlersley Ltd in Canada
  • IMI Components and Truflo Marine located in Birmingham, England

IMI Nuclear also collaborates with Nuclear companies from the Fluid Controls Division of IMI including, Bushjost, Thompson Valves and Norgren.

IMI Nuclear is a recognized world leader in supply of specialized products and services for commercial nuclear power. IMI Nuclear’s innovation flow control technologies have revolutionized high energy and severe service valve applications, extending service life and improving plant performance. IMI Nuclear design breakthroughs include the introduction of DRAG® technology with advanced flow exit velocity control that has become the industry standard for many applications including main feedwater control, pump recirculation, power operated main steam atmospheric relief and other demanding process control applications.

IMI Nuclear has continued to develop and demonstrate advance isolation, safety-relief, reverse flow protection and process control valves as well as leading edge valve actuation to enhance performance of second generation licensed and operating nuclear plants.

These field proven advancements are now playing a key role in helping the nuclear power industry meet higher design and performance goals for third generation power reactors now under construction around the world.

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IMI Nuclear is a subsidiary of IMI plc.

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